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Parent Student Handbook

Dress is a form of expression that may affect student behavior and self-image. A dress code policy is necessary in order to protect the health and safety of the school environment and to foster students' success in a positive manner. Mariners reserves the right to amend the dress code during the school year to protect the school environment. Students must wear clothing which follow the guidelines below. 


  1. Hats, beanies, and hoods must be off the head while indoors
  2. Shirts that contain inappropriate language, images, or drawings are prohibited
  3. Shirts that reveal bare midriffs or exposed undergarments are prohibited
  4. Shorts and skirts that are excessively short, and/or expose undergarments are prohibited
  5. Students are expected to wear closed-toe shoes that are safe for play.  Athletic shoes with spikes or cleats, high heels, and platform shoes are prohibited.


  • Verbal warning
    • Students may be asked to modify clothing
  • Parent contacted to bring a change of clothes
  • If issue continues, convene a student study team meeting to discuss