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Cell Phone Policy

We understand the importance for some of our students to carry cell phones for emergency use after school. During school hours, students are asked to be responsible for keeping cell phones in a safe place in their backpacks and in the off position to avoid classroom disruptions. Students may use phones in the school office (with teacher permission) to contact their parents if they have an emergency during the school day. Should you need to reach your child, please contact the school office and a message will be given to your child or teacher. Please discuss after-school arrangements with your children prior to leaving home for the day to avoid classroom interruptions. We will be happy to assist you should there be last minute changes.

To ensure the safety of our students, Mariners Elementary has policies in place to monitor the internet content to which your child has access on our school computers. We cannot control the content they may have downloaded at home to their cell phones or music players. For this reason, students may not use cell phones or other electronic devices anywhere on our campus from 8:15AM to the end of the school day. If students are observed using cell phones or other electronic devices during school hours, the device will be kept in the school office and we will ask you to make arrangements to pick the item up. We thank you for your support of our Cell Phone policy.

Please note, exceptions will be made for students that use a cell phone, or other electronic device, for a medical reason.