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MIss Fairbanks shows off both Chorus trophies!

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Join the Pacific Chorale Chorus

Pacific Chorale Academy is based on Venezuela’s “El Sistema,” which envisions music as a vehicle for transforming communities. Music enables every child to feel important and connected, encouraging commitment and a strong work ethic as the group strives for excellence together. School, family and community involvement are integral to creating a nurturing environment that inspires students to explore their potential and take ownership of the results.


Through the transformational power of singing together...
Students will develop valuable life skills including responsibility, persistence, and self-discipline, all in a joyful setting that promotes self-esteem.
Students and their families will feel a sense of connection and importance to the ensemble, the school, and the community.
Schools will benefit from increased student and family engagement.
Communities will become better connected and appreciate the value of music and the arts in education.


Have your child experience a wonderful music education program sponsored by the Pacific Chorale. Sign ups are on this link!!


Mighty Marlin Band sign up form!!

The Mighty Marlin Band begins September 24 and will end June 3. Instruments will meet separately for rehearsals and advanced students will meet together. Here are the list of times:

Monday and Friday ...more

Chorus Calendar

Instrument rental info.

Here are a list of websites that serve the community in instrument rental.

Check out the Mariners Music Haiku page!