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Counselor Janice Duzey receives the Orange County Pathways Counselor Award

Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) congratulates Janice Duzey, Counselor at Costa Mesa High School, for receiving the Orange County Pathways Counselor Award. School counselors are invaluable in providing vital support to students in the areas of academics and mental health; they are a critical resource when it comes to student success.


Janice Duzey, Counselor at Costa Mesa High School

Janice Duzey Counselor at Costa Mesa High School


Ms. Duzey was recognized for her collaborative approach to supporting students in the areas of Career Technical Education, pathways, and preparing them for college and career success. She has worked in NMUSD for 18 years, starting at Estancia High School for one year and now serving as school counselor at Costa Mesa High School. Beyond helping students navigate the typical rigors of high school, coursework, preparation for college and beyond, she is also invaluable to students in the support of their mental health. She spends countless hours helping students and parents understand what options they have in navigating their path to success both emotionally and academically.


“My job is to help students identify their purpose and identify a pathway to that purpose,” said Janice Duzey.


Ms. Duzey finds that, while students may develop a passion in a particular area of study, some may complete a pathway and choose to go a different direction after high school. No matter what the students choose to do, completing a pathway gives them a real-life skill set beyond the typical high school graduation requirements that they can take with them regardless of the path they take in life. 


“I am privileged to have received such a significant honor from the county, and thankful that I found my own pathway, passion, and sense of belonging as a school counselor,” said Janice Duzey.


This is the first year of the Orange County Department of Education’s (OCDE) Counselor Recognition Program and Ms. Duzey was one of nine counselors to receive an award. The OC Pathways award is collaboration between the OCDE and a consortium of ten community colleges. The award recognizes counselors that help students unlock their own interests, strengths, and passion and then develop goals based on those assessments. Ms. Duzey and the other award winners were recognized at an OCDE board meeting February 14, 2018. Ms. Duzey also will be recognized at the 2018 Orange County Counselor Symposium in October 2018.

Posted by: Adriana Angulo, District Admin, Newport Mesa Unified School District Published:3/23/18
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