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Accelerated Reader and Math

  AR Book Finder  

Need help researching if a book can earn your child AR points?  Look no further, this site will let you search by title or author!

Accelerated Home Connect 

This site is created to help keep parents informed about their child's Accelerated Goals and keep track of tests taken, points earned, and the percentage of their goals for each period.

Tumblebooks Reading Resource

 Thanks to our Kindergarten teachers Mrs. Dory, Mrs. Boyd, and Mrs. Andrew, receiving a grant, they purchased the TumbleBooks program.  TumbleBooks are stories that are read to children via the TumbleBook library online.  The site can be used both at school and at home for all ages.  The following information tells you how to access it at home.

NOTE:  If your child would like to use the story as an AR test, they must click on "Read To" on AR.

TumbleBooks Library


Helpful Education Links

 The following sites are excellent resources for extra practice, as well as assisting with homework.  There are links for all subject areas.


More Math Resources

 From the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Great  
 collection of lessons and activities for all grades. 
PBS Teachers: Math Resources 
 Search by grade level and topic for an extensive list of resources. 
 Cool Math 4 Kids 
 This site calls itself an amusement park of math activities designed  
 for fun. 

 A Maths Dictionary for Kids 
 An animated interactive dictionary for students which explains over  
 600 common mathematical terms in simple language. 
 Figure This! 
 This site is designed to help families enjoy mathematics outside  
 school through fun and engaging, high-quality challenges. 
 Shodor Interactives 
 Portal to over 100 interactive activities. 
 National Library of Virtual Manipulatives 
 Library of interactive, web-based, virtual manipulatives or concept  
 tutorials for grades K-12. 
 Archimedes Laboratory 
 Puzzles, tests, math games, brain-teasers, Tangram-like  
 manipulatives, mental tricks, and more. 
 Math in the Movies 
 This site features movie scenes that involve Math problems. 
 ERIC - Hands on Math 
 A sizable PDF resource with a considerable array of hands-on math  
 activities for your classes. 
 This website offers ready to go mini-units on numbers, shapes and  
 measurement, and handling data. 
 Seeing Math-Secondary 
 Interactive tools to clarify key mathematical ideas in middle and  
 high school mathematics. Click the sample activity in each  
 interactive for instructions. 
 AAA Math 
 Select a grade level (K-8)  from the top of the page. 
 Comprehensive site of math puzzles. 
 Collection of lessons, calculators, and worksheets created to assist  
 students and teachers of algebra. 

Multiple Subject Resources:

Multiple Subject Areas

Hints for Hardworking Students