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About Mariners School


             Welcome to Mariners Elementary School! Mariners Pride and The Pyramid of Success work their magic into the life of Mariners through high academic expectations for all students. Our principal, teachers, students, parents, and support staff feel proud of our excellent school. We are all dedicated to the success of every student every day. Our shared goal is to see each child learn and achieve their personal best.

             Mariners is a traditional K-6, suburban school.. Although we have 750 students, there is a small school feeling of caring and camaraderie. Mariners is a school full of energetic learners, with teachers and parents working together to create an exciting learning environment. Thus, our children love to learn, and eagerly attend school because of its happy, loving atmosphere. While working for academic success, all children are nurtured in building our shared focus of Mariners Pride.  Guided by high expectations, our students access the core curriculum, stretch their critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities, engage in enrichment activities, and learn to work together.

             The exemplary offerings at Mariners include 29 K-6 classrooms, a science lab, a cutting edge computer lab, a Resource Support program and The Donna and John Crean Mariners Branch Library, which serves both as a public library for the community and a school library for K-6 students at Mariners. We are passionate about our enrichment programs, which are primarily provided through the fundraising efforts of the Mariners PTA and Foundation. 

             Mariners’ parents contribute to our magnificence. Supportive parents donated 23,000 volunteer hours last year. To help bring all families together our PTA organizes such events as the Fall Festival, Art Night, Book Fair and our school play. 

             We couldn’t be more proud of our ingenious, creative, nurturing teachers. Our instructors are proven leaders and diligent workers at aligning curriculum with standards, seeking out new resources, and developing innovative teaching techniques. All K-6 teachers collaborate at weekly team meetings to evaluate student progress and create engaging lessons. 

             At Mariners, we have charted a course for excellence. We pride ourselves and value our students’ educational successes.