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Uniforms/Dress Code

Dress Code

The quality of work students produce at school is affected by their personal appearance. Students will dress with reasonable standards of cleanliness and modesty. Clothing is to be worn that will not draw the undue attention of peers or be distracting to class instruction.

Clothes should reflect modesty and cleanliness. Skirts and shorts should not be too short so as to prevent participation in warm-up exercises for physical education activities. Girls may not wear spaghetti straps, crop tops, or other articles of clothing that expose the midsection or undergarments. Underwear must be totally covered by outer clothing. Hats or caps may be worn on the playground for protection from the sun. Shoes should be practical so that students can run, jump, and kick while participating in various activities. Open-toed shoes or sandals are not appropriate. Jewelry should again reflect modesty. Our school doesn’t allow the wearing of makeup. Jewelry should be small. Dangling earrings are dangerous and should not be worn to school. Sunglasses are permitted only if prescribed by a doctor. No wallet chains are permitted, even if they are in a pant pocket or concealed. No stud belts or wristbands may be worn to school. Parents can help monitor the dress code by:

1. Purchasing clothing that is in good taste.

2. Seeing that each child leaves for school properly dressed.

3. Encouraging each child to take pride in his/her appearance.

The school will monitor this dress code. Students arriving at school wearing unacceptable clothing as mentioned above will not be allowed in the classrooms until correction is made by the student and the home.